Extreme Endza (Unauthorized Climax)

Extreme_Endza (Unauthorized Climax)

Extreme Endza (Unauthorized Climax)

Endza should know better than to cum without permission. OT shouldn’t have to tell her that things like that are unacceptable. She’s shackled down, with her ass in the air. She just suffered a brutal caning. Her clit is clamped with weights. It should be obvious that she is the submissive slt, and a good submissive slt knows that she has to beg for permission, and wait until she receives it, before having an orgasm.
She’ll learn the lesson, though. The caning was just for fun, the whipping will be for punishment. One foot on the floor and the other strung high into the air, Endza’s pussy isn’t just exposed, it is practically a painted target. It’s begging to be snapped at with the whip. And after a few minutes of sharp stinging across her sensitive clit, Endza will be ready to do some begging of her own.

Actors: Endza

Extreme Endza (Unauthorized Climax)

Extension: MP4
Format: AAC
File Size: 2.39 GB
Video Length: 00:45:13
Resolution: 1280×720

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